It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not a man. It’s Supergirl!

So today I finally started watching Supergirl – the infamous CW show which, like good wine, is to be paired with the growing franchise of DC Comics adaptations i.e. Arrow and Flash. From the moment it started, viewers have been giving the cold shoulder to the girl of steel. It is true that in comparison to the growing popularity of Flash, it is probably difficult for the writers of the show to understand why their superheroine is not working as well in the polls. But what does Flash and Arrow have that Supergirl doesn’t?

Flash #4 • X-Men : Apocalypse

« Seuls les plus forts survivront. »

Le réveil du terrifiant mutant En Sabah Nur pousse l’ancienne et la nouvelle génération d’X-Men à joindre leurs forces pour sauver le monde une nouvelle fois.

Investigating Tom Fontana

As I was doing a study on the precursors of the television series The Wire, I got to talk with writer, producer and showrunner Tom Fontana about the legacy of the revolutionary show Homicide: Life on the Street, and his successful career.

« Spectre »: James Bond returns to his roots

Skyfall has left such a mark on the James Bond film series that no one – me included – thought it could ever be matched, but Sam Mendes proved us wrong! It turns out Spectre is an exemplary spy film packed with iconic characters, wonderfully directed actions scenes and surprisingly funny dialogues. All in all, the 24th adventure of the world’s favorite spy is a must-see!