Alter Bridge

Although I love music more than anything, I fear I have failed to understand its soothing power until this week. It may be because I was lucky enough to have always been surrounded when I felt bad. I never had to resort only to music to get back on my feet and thrive.

Tuesday, October 10th. 2:30pm. When I arrived at the Elysée Montmartre to shoot a video for Rolling Stone, I took a hard look at the thirty odd people who were waiting to meet with Alter Bridge. Most of them looked older than I expected. It is only when I got to exchange a few words with a woman who had just had pictures autographed that I began to understood. « I wouldn’t have gotten by if it was not for them. »

Not only did Alter Bridge penned some of the most beautiful, uplifting songs around, but they always perform them with talent, grace, and most importantly generosity. There are enough gifted bands who enjoy listening themselves play skillfully to praise one who play first and foremost for their audience.

When the concert ended, we all had a large smile on our faces and two words in our minds : Thank you.


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